Customize notifications for individual users/devices

I’m getting verbal abuse from a neighbour. Was told these were good, want to set all motion esp my dog so i can record the verbal abuse as my state laws say no filming of others property. Apparently I have to “unlock the feature”. Honestly a daily record option for loud noises would be great! Front for motion, yard for very loud verbal abuse. Happy to easily delete a days recording for the back, daily and keep the front motion activated.

This is standard on many competitor solutions. Please fix this, it’s not a feature in 2021 to have this. But a bug if it’s not available

Seriously how is this not a feature?! My wife turns off notifications when she’s at work, but I’m still at home and don’t get any. My elderly parents added me to their doorbell but I don’t want all of their notifications and they do. We need different settings for each device for each user! lol

I want this SO badly!! Is there any hope it will ever get added?!??

I have 3 cameras And really only want notifications from 1… I dont need another notification every time I walk through my living room, etc.

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


I would also like this as I receive notification when someone ring my parents doorbell 300 miles away.

Will this happen or did I choose the wrong camera platform

+1 for user notifications settings

+1 as well.

Yes, please add that !

+1 this needs to be a feature. It is on a previous, budget camera I had. Can’t believe if one person changes notification settings in the app on their device, it changes the settings for everyone else’s device. Adjusting the Android level notifications for certain events isn’t possible as the notification setting at Android level for the Eufy app is either on or off, pretty much. Not for each event type.