Doorbell ring on google home devices?

Hello Eufy, I Bought your doorbell which mentions it is compatible with the Google Assistant. Why is it mentioned on the box if it is not the case ? This is false advertising. The feature of ringing the Google device was the reason why i buy the doorbell. and it is not working !
I’m very disappointed! Can you tell me if in future updates and improvements of the software the Google devices wil ring? Otherwise i’m Thinking to send the product back and buy a Google Hello…

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This needs to be developed asap as I also believed this was a feature that was possible.
Please reply to these requests

+1 really disappointing!!! Can‘t recommend it for google user

Oh no! I thought it would ring on my Google devices like Google mini and Lenovo Google alarm clock! Please fix this!

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As if the 68 replies isn’t already enough, you can add me to the list of users who are waiting on this feature. At the very least, Eufy owe us an explanation if this is not feasible, although I cannot think of why that would be as it is functionally identical to the Alexa implementation.

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If you have or willing to setup Home Assistant you can use the “eufy-ha-mqtt-bridge” integration on github to receive notifications from some of Eufy’s products such as camera and doorbells. You then can setup an automation to send a message to your Google Home devices.

I have my setup to play a message when the doorbell is pressed “Someone is at the front door” on my Google hub and 2 Google Homes in my basement. This same integration can be used to trigger other devices such as I’m playing around with my camera’s motion detection to trigger certain lights.

BTW… I have petitioned for Eufy to open source their API’s, please support this and get the word out…


Same as above, luckily I’ve not put mine on the wall yet as was trying to set all this up first. I will be returning my product now and getting one that actually integrates as promised on the box

In Eufy’s defense, unless you’re going with Nest you’re going to have limited functionality in some way. The direct video (like Google Hub) is a Nest only feature and it doesn’t surprise me that Google makes it hard or impossible for other companies to do certain integrations. Amazon is just known for being more open in that way and that’s why Eufy does offer that feature on the Amazon products. On the same token, I also think Eufy should be stating what their integration ability is to set a person’s expectations properly. As noted above, what Eufy can’t do directly I was able to do locally and with much more functionality than Eufy could ever provide.

What were you able to do locally?

I think what it really wants is for someone (here in the UK at least) to report Eufy (Anker) to the Advertising Standards Authority for false advertising, by stating in their description something that the device can do, but clearly can’t.

I contacted Nest Assistant developer Support for their fluid [voice] apps platform. They refused to share APIs as well, stating these APIs are not available to developers. They were pretty easy to reverse engineer, but you would still need to get action approved by google. So I doubt it. The only way around is to run ASSISTANT RELAY… but this is not without other issues.

Despicable Google.

Hey mate. Is there any chance of some detailed instructions please. I am sure this will help a lot of us. Many thanks

Can this now be integrated?


Yes !!!
Finally !
Now the door is open for eufy ! So please eufy, integrate this !

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Yes please! Roll-out this feature @Eufy! It’s a must!

I was just about to upload that link too :slightly_smiling_face:

Like everyone else, I saw the link on 9to5Google and was going to post it here. So I will post a different link - Google’s documentation.

There are two ‘traits’ - ObjectDetection and CameraStream. This means that the interface can support the receiving of the doorbell button press (ObjectDetection) and show the video stream (CameraStream). No two-way audio, but I can live with that :slight_smile:

Ok Eufy/Anker, time to get cracking!

Please Eufy…. Very important feature. Need to have chimes at least asap.

Disappointed, all these time and still not implemented with google home automation? Just got the doorbell today and will return it.

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