Eufy 2c Bullshit

I couldn’t of made a worst choice of wifi camera system if I tried. I watched the reviews on YouTube and I thought yeah great, this camera system is the biggest waste of money. If im lucky the camera gives me a notification 45 minutes after someone has been detected if the camera detects them at all. After eufy getting me to do this try that give them information im sick of this rubbish. Upgrade my cameras eufy if you care about your customers. I would never purchase another product from the made in China and owned by Chinese.


I have not had this experience myself. With my doorbell sometimes the notifications might take a minute but other then that I have a good track record with them.

Yes , same problems with my 2c cameras i recieve notification after 30 minutes and sometimes recieve nothing .

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I do have one 2c, and 8 2c pros and all notifications are coming in 10 seconds max. Not sure whatsapp wrong with yourself…

I had the same problem, but I’ve found out it was the wifi connection and not the system. Resolved the wifi and works great now

I would definitely look into your WiFi, I had a not so good WiFi setup and while I rarely experienced issues, I did have some delays, but not since I upgraded. The problem with doing anything over WiFi is that there are many factors that can affect the signal and cause drops even when showing good signal levels. Often this is completely outside of your control other than to make sure that you have really good WiFi setup, which would often include a mesh network with one of the mesh devices as close as possible to the cameras. I am using a long range enterprise access point for my WiFi from ubiquiti which is cheaper than most residential setups and provides far better connection.

The primary cause of slow notifications is the settings on your phone. I can’t speak to iPhone devices, but for Android you must make sure that your Eufy app has a Power Saving exclusion. If you allow the OS to sleep the Eufy app, it will cause exactly the problem you are seeing.

As long as the app runs in the foreground or is completely shut down, the notifications will show up within seconds. If the app is allowed to be put to sleep, notifications can be delayed by up to an hour or missed altogether. I suspect that Eufy developers didn’t follow Android guidelines for Notifications and that’s what is causing the issues. Depending on which version of Android you are using, setting a power saving exclusion will correct the issue. Some Android versions require a hard exclusion that will ensure that the app never sleeps. Google your Android version and power saving exclusions to see how to set one for your particcular version.

I have over 20 cameras and multiple sensors and other devices and my notifications typically take 3-4 seconds from trigger to receiving notification on my Android phone or tablets.

Try a Solo cam instead…then you’ll get notifications every time a bicycle goes up the opposite side of the road to your activity zone. I sent one back because I thought it was broken, but no, new one is worse.

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