Eufy Family & Guest sharing problem

I added my dad in the Family and guest. It that the accept button will be in app but no Accept button is showing up.

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He needs to have his own account! Once he has that he needs to go under his account in settings and accept or verify through email. I hope this helps :smiley:

This is what the email says to do. But i did not see the accept invitation message in the app. I already did twice. Same result.

Ok! Well Delete the App re-download and login once more…

Still nothing. :frowning: I’ve read that this is an issue for other users before. I think they still haven’t fix this yet.

Same problem here too, still not there

Cant get my wife or son on as administrator or guest…had to take down all the camera’s and now I’m going to reset home base and try again. … will let you know.

For all of you who are having issues with adding family members, when you send the invite email to them…

  1. make sure it is there email separate from the main account email
  2. They have to create their own eufy security account using their own email address
  3. Once they create their own eufy security account they need to log in with their account and if they already have an account have them log out and then log back in after the invite was sent.

This is what they will see after the invite was sent and they either log in or log out and back in in order to see It. The pop up asking to accept the invite

It is not that hard to add family members provided you follow the steps in the email.

If they do no have an account they will see this email informing then to download the app and register their account.

However, if they do have an account they will get this email. If refreshing doesn’t bring up the invite, logging out and back in will.


Thanks Tank that’s what I was trying to say. Your deeper instruction is well done… Be safe all :v:t3:

You say it’s not hard but the feature doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve lost count of the amount of invites I’ve sent to my partner and how many times we’ve uninstalled / installed / logged in / logged out / refreshed the app homepage


I have the same issue. The only email I get asks to download the app, so the system does not recognize I already have an account. I tried all these instructions, logged out, deleted the app, reinstalled and I even tried creating a brand new account with a different email. Nothing, no email telling me to go to the app to accept and no pop up in the app. Very annoying.

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