Eufy Security App Update Records

2020.09.30, V2.2

  1. Optimize HomeBase storage space.
  2. Optimize the issue that the eufyCam series occasionally has two identical notifications.
  3. Optimize the Doorbell binding process interaction.
  4. Doorbell T8220 supports Human Only detection at night.
  5. Simplify the default display order for homepage devices on mobile phones.
  6. Optimize the permission application copywriting.

2020.09.22, V2.1.3

  1. Solve the issue that the eufy Security app cannot be searched on some Android phones.

2020.09.18, v2.1.2

  1. Solve the issue that there may be no sound when playing eufyCam 2nd generation clips on Android phones.

2020.09.15, v2.1.1

  1. Solve the issue that the activity zones may be deleted by mistake in eufyCam series

2020.09.08, v2.1

  1. Indoor Cam FAQ supports Japanese.
  2. The eufyCam series supports the setting of pushing screenshots.
  3. Support Wired Doorbell 8202.
  4. Doorbell T8220/020 supports multiple languages.
  5. Entry Sensor supports ““Open”” status alert and ““Daily”” status check.
  6. Increase the maximum number of connectable devices.
  7. FAQ support search.