Expanding storage space homebase 2

Is there yet a way to expand that storage on the home base 2? Any info would be nice. Thank you.


Unfortunately nope, we will launch HB3 next year with eufyCam 3, which storage space can be expanded.

But this is not the commitment, just FYI. I cannot say there will be no risk on delay or no risk on feature not delivered.

Let’s hope they are on track:)


Aside from the fact that it was promised and this is not very nice of the PR department, will the alarm kit and existing eufycam 2’s be compatible with it? Also: will the homebase 3 be sold seperately for those that want to upgrade their homebase 2?

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Not sure yet

So this means no expandable storage options for Homebase 2 in horizon. I purchased my Eufy products based on this promise.


Where did you get this information?

To be fair, it is stated on the help page of the eufycam 2 / 2c section:

So that’s as far as ‘direct evidence’ goes. I read numerous posts of people receiving emails from support stating it would be possible in some form (just an USB-drive, or eufy dongle).


I just purchased a 4 camera kit based on the info on the Australian website that it has USB-A (future release) storage expansion, which I assumed meant it was close to being released. Obviously not, going by this thread. Looks like I may be returning this kit, and not recommending to my family and neighbours if I can’t expand the storage capacity.


I too am in Australia. I am ready to bundle up my spotlight Cam, 4 x Cam2, 2 home bases and the 2k wireless doorbell to all go back for a refund…coupled with a case lodged with “Choice” for their annual dodgy awards and ACCC for product misrepresentation. Google support and external storage were 2 key decision criteria for selection and Eufy does neither despite indicating that they do.


Yes not impressed. I just bought more cameras to expand my system and then saw this. I’ll have to look at whether this is false advertising

Camera 2C and Homebase 2 is Still still being advertised on the amazon site with Homebase 2 local USB storage coming soon…

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