False alarm when switching to night mode

I’ve had my wired Eufy video doorbell installed for 4-5 days and everything seems to work fine except every night at the same time, I get a false alarm when the doorbell switches to night vision mode. It doesn’t happen in the morning when it switches back to regular/ color mode. I’ve rebooted the doorbell a couple times, made sure firmware was up to date, messed with sensitivity settings, etc. Anyone else had this issue or know of a fix?


Having the same issue with my 2C cameras. When switching to night mode it triggers the alarms! Did not happen before the firmware and app updates!

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Same problem here with my 2C

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Same here with my indoor 2K cams (also triggers motion detection in HomeKit).

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Glad to know it isn’t just me, but still frustrating to deal with. Also nice to know it happens with the 2C cams as well… I was thinking about adding a few of those but I may hold off until this issue has been addressed.

I think explains why my alarm went off for no reason yesterday around the switching time. I was confused as to the reason.

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Same by me on my eufycam 2c.
Every night.

Surely they can temporarily turn off the notification when switching. Otherwise this is really annoying.

Can you confirm if the camera is close to a wall or another object which is reflecting when switching modes and triggering an event? My indoor cam is not doing this anyway.

This never happened before the updates!