Feature Request - Delete Videos after x hours/days

Use Case: Video surveillance for a company building
Of course no problem. But we have to fullfil European Law (GDPR / DSGVO)

Therefore, I would like to raise a feature request which automatically deletes videos older than X hours / days from the local box. - Maybe an automation task could do it. -

I am sure many smaller companys would love that feature and would give them the ability to use those cams in compliance.


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We have the same requirements for the building of our cultural society - When I called the support hotline 3 months ago, they told me that this is on the road map.

I, unfortunately, could not find any information on that or the official road map.

For us this feature is essential - Our current solution is to delete everything manually by wiping the card every other week. Which is quite suboptimal :smiley: