Firmware Update Records - Floodlight Camera

2020.08.01, v1.0.0.32

  1. Fix bugs in cloud storage
  2. Fix other bugs to improve stability

2020.07.20, v1.0.0.30

  1. Solve the issue that Geofencing cannot be set in some scenes.
  2. Optimize the display format of the 12-hour format at midnight to 12:00 AM.

2020.06.19, v1.0.0.29

  1. Optimize the issue that Floodlight may not light up when the car lights rays to the camera.
  2. Optimize the success rate of live streaming.
  3. Solve the issue that the clips may unable to play when the camera just added.
  4. Solve the issue that the security mode may unable to customize.
  5. Enhance communication encryption mechanism.
  6. Increase network connection stability.

2020.05.29, v1.0.0.25

  1. Enhance the streaming security
  2. Solve the issue that unable to customize security modes in some cases.
  3. Solve the issue that clips list in the Event may not be updated in time in some cases.