Floodlight Cam Pro will not connect to Wifi

I have just purchased a Floodlight 2k Pro in Australia.
I have a basic Router/Modem that supports ONLY 2.4ghz.
I have numerous working 2.4ghz home automation and other products connected easily and working fine, inc a Eufy doorbell and base-station.
I’ve never had trouble connecting any of these previous devices to this network.
This Floodlight cam 2 pro gets to the setup stage of looking or the Wifi network, then errors saying it can not connect to the wifi network.
I have reset the power numerous times and tried from Android and Apple devices.
I have turned off mobile network on my phone and the ipad I tried from only has Wifi.
When I look at the logs of my router, even though the floodlight errors and reports it doesn’t connect in my Eufy app, I can see the Floodlight 2 Pro is receiving an IP Address from my router, its listed in my DHCP IP listing and I can ping it from my PC.
How can I get this device to connect? What is missing? Has anyone else had this issue. Any help ASAP so I know if I need to return this device as faulty or not.

Hey. Has 2FA been enabled? try turning it off

2fa is already switched off in the eufy app, thanks.

Me too. Exactly the same. I even setup a separate access point with 2.4Ghz only and it still doesn’t work. I can also see the camera getting on the router and getting an IP address. I’m thinking there may be something with my firewall that block the app from kowning it’s on.

I ended up returning mine as eufy support were not able to help. I have heard since I returned mine of other people in Australia forcing their phone / device used for connecting it to Sydney Timezone then going through the setup which apparently fixed it for them. If you still have yours maybe try that. If it works, let me know!

I just re-purchased one and changed the date and time location of my phone to Sydney first, went through the connection routine and it connected to wifi straight away with no issues at all. Seems like this is the workaround. I will report it back to eufy support so they are aware.