“Home” Position for Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt

I tried searching the forum but it doesn’t seem to be mentioned…I would love to see a setting to set a custom “home” or default position for the pan and tilt camera to return to after no motion has been detected. Thanks!


I also view this as a shortcoming. The camera needs an optimum parked position selection.

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The camera does seem to return to the position it was at before following motion. Point it somewhere then let it follow you. After you leave it will return to where you originally set it. Not a fixed ‘home’ but pretty close.

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After using it for a while I noticed that as well. That’ll work for me for now. Maybe in addition to a home position, it would be nice to see “favorite/saved” positions to quickly navigate to them.

Without this feature the motion detection zones are useless if you have a wife that constantly plays with the camera. I don’t see any reason why it would be that hard to add, it has a calibrate feature, so it knows what it’s position is.