Homebase 2 offline this morning (UK)

My Homebase 2 is offline this morning, and remains offline after powering off and on. My internet connection (wifi and ethernet) is fine. Is there an outage at Eufy? If not, is there anything else I can try to fix this?

This is day 2. Not a great start to my Eufy experience :frowning:

Regards, Alan

EDIT: The unit came back online about 10 minutes after being powered back on. It does worry me that this should be happening so soon. And there are an awful lot of people elsewhere in this community reporting similar problems. Time will tell if I made a wise decision to go with Eufy, I guess…

I have the exact same problem - every thing fine for months now one of my 2 homebases is offline and nothing I try can bring it back - power ok, internet ok. In fact my other homebase 2 is online - HELP!

Well, everything was fine for 10 days. Then we had a brief Internet outage around 3am, and the Homebase has been offline ever since, even after powering it off and on - twice :rage:

I’m really starting to regret choosing Eufy.

On the off-chance this is helpful… I have the Wifi door chime linking to a door bell via wifi. I do not know if the homebase has the same set up but this is what helped me where the wifi connection was not stable, kept going offline.

Is your router operating on 2.4ghz, 5ghz or dual band? If 5ghz I think it needs 2,4ghz, if 2.4ghz not sure, if dual band read on.

I had problems using a dual band BT home hub - I split the SSID (google split bands SSID) into separate networks ie 2.4g and 5g.

All devices should then default to the more reliable but slower 2.4g, though you can shift anything where speed is an issue to the faster but less reliable 5g. no difference really noted between the two but we have v fast BB.

You may need to rescan the 2.4 channel as I think it defaults on split back to channel 1 ( I was previously using and it re-scanned back to channel 6) - worked a treat for me.

Thanks for the reply.

My wifi setup is Google (Nest) Mesh, so uses both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, but with no control over being able to split the bands into different SSIDs. But irrespective of the wifi setup, it’s pretty inexcusable for the Homebase to be offline for several hours following an Internet outage. The wifi signal is very strong (which is why I went the mesh route in the first place).

The Homebase eventually came back online NINE HOURS after connectivity was restored :open_mouth:

P.S. I’m going to see if the Ethernet connection has the same problem, to eliminate wifi as a possible cause.

Well, my Homebase 2 is offline AGAIN this morning, despite there being no Internet connectivity disruptions overnight. Goodness knows how long it will take to come back online this time…

UPDATE: No sign of the Homebase recovering, so I pressed the sync button to see if that helped (getting desperate by now). The Homebase complained that there was no connection to the Internet, so “check the Ethernet cable”. Uhhh… But it was configured to use wifi! So I relocated it so I could connect it to a wired hub… Instant blue light!
I wonder if there’s a bug in that, if the wifi connection is lost (even briefly, for example when connecting to another access point to get a better signal), it switches back to ethernet, and stays that way, even after a reboot? Pretty bad bug if that’s the case.