How annoying! WTF!

STOP these annoying popups that block the apps screen am about to dump the app and device due to the invasion of my privacy and uncalled for annoyance trying to close the popup. I am no longer going to suggest family and friends purchase Eufy due to the annoyance level


What are you talking about ? I don’t have any popups on my app.


Dear win474…

Please be advised that you will NEVER receive POP-UPS or similar nags screens, nor should you under any circumstances find yourself bothered by constant unwanted annoyances from within the Eufy Security app! I can attest to this for FACT because I have been a Eufy security camera & video doorbell user (as well as an electrical technician & security equipment installer) for many years. Not once in 4+ years of owning and operating Eufy & Anker products have I experienced any sort of invasive, annoying, repetitive or disruptive behavior from the Eufy application for Android.

Perhaps, if you are using an iPhone, your user experience might be different, but I highly doubt Eufy would code the iOS version all that differently from Android; especially given that the actual programming language & mobile device processing protocols for Android and iOS applications are identical and the only difference(s) between apps for Android and iOS come down to the apps having a standardized file extension (for example, ALL Android apps are APK files). This file type “extension” (.APK for example) is a direct product of the specific software environment (known as an SDK) used to develop, sign & compile the app’s internal code into the precise format necessary to run on the intended operating system.

Anyhow, with my background in security–including software development, pen testing and ethical computer hacking (vulnerability research + ntrusion prevention)–I feel quite strongly that what you are experiencing is NOT a result of you using the
authentically signed & legitimate version of Eufy’s application made available through TRUSTED sources; by which I mean, Apple’s iOS app store or Google’s Android Play Store.

If for any reason whatsoever you downloaded your Eufy software from ANY resource other than the two previously mentioned OFFICIAL app stores, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY UNINSTALL THE VERSION YOU HAVE BEEN USING and if you are on an Android device I highly recommend going into SETTINGS --> APPLICATIONS --> EUFY SECURITY --> STORAGE and tap on CLEAR CACHE & CLEAR APP DATA prior to uninstalling the app.

Installing apps from unknown sources is ALWAYS bad idea because it often has been tampered with and possibly injected with malicious code (payload) that causes it to misbehave–usually bombarding the user with pop-up ads, embedded clickbait or clickjack, or ad-revenue driven websites. Worst case scenario: it could surreptitiously download & install 1or more unwanted apps that run hidden from users for the purpose of tracking & recording every single user action & each keystroke needed to steal passwords, etc. This is commonly how users
become victims of identity theft or fraudulent use of credit card numbers, banking logins and personal email + social media accounts!

If you indeed are using only OFFICIAL latest version of Eufy Security app then I must implore you to IMMEDIATELY CONTACT EUFY SUPPORT and allow them to provide you with first class technical support that will provide you with the proper solution to your problem with the software. This is absolutely critical to YOU getting needed relief from the numerous pop-ups you complain about here via your open message to the community, as well as EUFY resolving whatever bizarre and/or buggy behavior that is currently occurring when their app is running on your type of device & configured with the exact same operating system version + security patches.

If Eufy discovers a previously unknown bug within the application, you will have been instrumental in helping Eufy’s development team to patch the errant code in order to upload the fixed version of the app to Google and Apple for distribution to all users. Everyone wins!

If you are potentially confusing Eufy’s in-app EVENT NOTIFICATIONS for some type of unwanted pop-up ADVERTISING activity, you must make absolutely certain that you KNOW THE DISTINCT DIFFERENCES so that you can act accordingly to RESOLVE the source of your frustration! While it is important that I be perfectly honest by stating that BOTH of the aforementioned issues CAN certainly cause constant disruptions & distractions for the user, there is a huge difference between LEGITIMATE security based notifications that originate from within Eufy Security app and those of some other source of malware, riskware, adware or whatever is creating havoc on your device!

The GREAT NEWS I have for you is that YOU…as the user in complete control of your EUFY SECURITY APP experience, have the full and unencumbered ability to MODIFY the settings within the app that adjust the ways in which Eufy Security app sends you NOTIFICATIONS regarding your properly installed & correctly configured Eufy devices. All of us have this ability and it is incredibly important for you to know that you do not have to endure ongoing notifications, which are unwanted or too frequent for you liking!

Just to be sure…I’d like to hope that you will humor me by diving into your Eufy Security app notification settings to make certain that they meet your expectations for what you personally require & find desirable for your specific security needs!

Although the variety of artificial intelligence (AI) settings for the wide array of Eufy security cameras and other devices can initially be confusing or a bit overwhelming, trust me that it is on your best interest to make good use of the many options & settings that EUFY provides, so that you don’t receive false positives or unacceptable numbers of notifications for misidentified movement in and around your protected area.

I encourage you to really get to know your Eufy Security Products and all the individual settings and adjustments that can be made for each product linked to the Eufy Security app! This will provide you with what you NEED and only what you need from your Eufy Security system setup.

Best of luck and welcome to the Eufy user community!



Really? I’ve never had an ad pop up in the Eufy app.

Holy crap…. I didn’t even read all that.

Boy I have on iOS. Pisses me off

I don’t recommend Eufy to anyone EVER… But it has nothing to do with ad pop-ups

Delete the app and move on. You don’t have to comment on every post saying the same thing over and over.

Sorry to offend….

But REALLY; are you though?

“Sorry,” I mean.

Just wanted to make certain that we were all in COMPLETE agreement on that! :wink:

As far as [you] being offensive goes, well far be it for me to agree with you, though I know it constitutes the proper thing to do, particularly having indeed witnessed what practically, subjectively & altruistically must be characterized by the hallmark symptoms of a profoundly disconcerting core personality defect–perhaps inappropriate for airing here in this public forum.

Shhhhh. I won’t tell…but I do hope you seek the appropriate therapy to resolve your issues at the first opportuni

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