IFTTT Support (Wishlist)

Eufy please support IFTTT!!! This would be a very nice feature for all of your cameras!!


Thank you for your feedback!

For the IFTTT feature, we sincerely sorry to let you know it won’t be supported in the short term.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact the support team support@eufylife.com for more information :slight_smile:

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Why? This feature was announced with the launch of the original eufyCam… It can’t possibly be taking this long!

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Surely it already works as it was promised on the Kickstarter campaign & it’s printed on the box

If they have printed it on the box they are advertising it as a feature so it’s false advertising if it’s not available


I’ve bought the Battery Doorbell version that comes with the HomeBase2. I use my current existing doorbell wiring, this gets the unit powered, nice feature as I will not need to check on battery charge. IOS App seems mature enough and responsive, no complains there. I get timely notifications with little lag. Alexa RSTP is not currently working for me. No Restful API, IFFTT, Smarthings, Hubitat. I am still evaluating if I keep it, as I don’t need a closed blackbox that only works with their products. Homekit integration is there, but I personally don’t care for it, haven’t tried it. Just want to integrate with existing platforms, that would be the market differentiation.

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Yes, that’s right. What a pity, great hardware and very poor smartsoftware…
It’s impossible to have smart device without integration with ifttt.

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I can’t understand how it is possible to make such a great hardware and to forget the soft, ifttt is a basic for smart devices.


Vote here for IFTTT, have just come from Rings products to Eufy, but disappointed there is know IFTTT support. Could be return before my 30 day Amazon window is up


Please look into IFTTT support, very much a deal breaker for me if it can’t be added!