Local network authorization

Hello all,

I have not granted Eufy access to my local area network (iPhone settings). Now I frequently get pop-ups in the Eufy app, saying (translated): Eufy is a secure, locally based software solution. It expects local area network authorization.

The system stores everything locally and it seems to be working just fine. I can access it when not on my network.

Does anyone know to what end this pop-up keeps showing? (Moreover if I revoke seemingly unnecessary authorization, telling me the software solution is secure just makes me skeptical).

If you grant access, then the app can scan the networks you connect to for devices. For example, an app that needs to connect to a smart speaker smart light echohub Alexa will need this access to find such devices on your network and connect to them. if you don’t allow local network scanning access, it won’t find the local device.
If you don’t plan on using any of those type of devices then you don’t need to grant it access.

It probably uses this privilege when adding new devices to the app. If you aren’t adding any new devices, you can leave it the way it is, but you will still get the message.