Motion Detection Review: Sad but hopeful

I have the Cam 2 Pro and I’m disappointed in the motion detection. I have the cameras mounted on the side of my house under the eaves to protect them from the rain. I have one for my front yard and one for the back. I used the motion detection test feature to determine the range. The actual detection area does not cover the full field of view of the camera. I suppose that is to be expected but it would be nice if it was a bigger range. It does not always catch movement either. It’s hit or miss but mostly miss. It will almost never catch someone going into my front door. I have it set to “all motion” at the highest sensitivity and it’s still hit or miss. I know it’s working though because the backyard gets triggered when the wind just slightly blows the trees. Also I’ve set activity zones for the front so that cars going down the street do not set the camera off but at night when the headlights cross into the activity zones, it will trip the camera. I’m sure this could be fixed if I lowered the sensitivity however I’m afraid that would make it even less likely to catch an intruder. I’m thinking about adding separate motion sensors to eliminate the issues. I may also move the camera to make it easier for it to detect motion. But I like where it is now because it can see my whole yard. Oh well. In summary, I’m disappointed with the internal motion detection of these cameras but I’m hopeful I can make them work.


My experience is the same. The detection is not reliable at all … yes wind sets them off but sometime people walking right infront of the camera do not ! I also have “all motion” and highest sensitivity enabled.

We have other cheap camera that are far more sensitive than these goofies.

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