My Eufy thinks I'm an animal 🤔

I’m in New York City, and I’m approaching my actual quarantinaversary in a month (early quarantine for me by work before shut down, sigh). I know I shower less. I know my hair is so, so long. I know I wear big sweaters and underwear like, every day, and summer was wearing the same sundress every day. I know before it got too cold to deny the need for them anymore, I’d routinely try on my jeans just to make sure I wasn’t THAT far gone… :roll_eyes:
But still. When I walk through the room of my apartment where the Eufy is, I have been more and more often getting the notification on my phone that a “pet has been spotted”…Now, to be fair, I do have a large dog, who has a bed in that room. However, Eufy often fails to recognize my dog as entering or exiting… But me? I’m the pet half the time. This feels like a Kafka story or something, and yes, I’m presenting some days as a slight wildling meets idgaf meets my hair is long and knots easily meets I live alone so I don’t need appropriate clothes…?
…but still. I’m not a pet. Unless I am. Am I? Gregor Samsa, help me out here.
Anyway, Eufy thinks I’m an animal when I wake up in the morning and cross through the Eufy room to the kitchen. #animal #pets #question #sincere

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If my cams detect me correctly at all… it can call me a Fish.