Notification alert sound

The choice of notification alerts are useless! You can’t even hear them. Very disappointed that I can no longer customize my own notification sound.

There is indeed a possibility to adjust your sound. There is one drawback, which I will come back to later.
I downloaded from the internet a sound of a police car with the siren going on for 10 seconds. A very loud sound in mp3 format. Copied this to my phone in the correct folder. Then in the SETTINGS of my mobile went to APPS (default apps, App permissions). Then open the EufySecurity app and click on “Notifications Allowed”. At Categories tap ‘eufy motion’. (don’t click the on/off symbol but click on the word ‘eufy motion’ and then choose the copied police siren at ‘Sound’.
(I have an ANDroid mobile phone. I suspect the setting will be slightly different with the iPhone)
1 disadvantage: for example when you switch modes (home / away / off / off) you get that same loud and long-lasting tone.

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i You mentioned you had an Android phone. I’m wondering if you have the same problem I’m having when it come to getting notifications. If I don’t clear my notifications eufy stop sending notifications all together. However, my other apps continue to send me notifications no matter how many notifications I have with no problem. The only way to start back getting notifications from eufy is to clear my notifications and then Eufy start back sending notifications. I emailed them about this and they said it’s a Google forwarding thing that they can’t change. That makes no sense to me. I’m going to pace their response to my question.

Dear lross8192,

Thanks for your reply.

I am wondering if you use an Android device? If yes, please note that our App uses google forwarder, and there is a notification limit (up to 24) in google forwarder. This limit works on all apps that use google forwarder. We don’t have the right to change it. If you use an IOS device, then you don’t have this limit.

Only 24 notices Allowed?
Not a good service.

I noticed same since the newest update.
Suddenly I can’t seem to adjust my custom alert sounds any more.
When I check the settings, like Henk says, I see only 2 categories left…
And one menu back underneath it says 4 categories have been removed. I can’t remember for sure but my guess is that I used those categories for my Doorbell etc sounds and other custom sound settings.
Only ones left in the categories: Eufy Motion and Geofence Channel.

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