Override Do Not Disturb

Ring has the ability to set it’s notification to Override Do Not Disturb on my phone … this would be very valuable on Eufy !!


Which mobile are you using? In Android you can go to the phone’s notification settings and set either doorbell ring or motion to override. Not sure about the cameras.

Well i be darn!! Nevermind Eufy, the option is already there! Thanks Haadsecure.

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Thank you!!! Finally figured this out…

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Sorry to be a dumbo, but how? I have gone to Notification settings and can’t find any ref to Eufy app. Can override calls, text from favourite contacts etc…

Usually it’s under the app’s settings.

Got it! Not obvious! Long press App Icon>Tap Notifications>Long press Eufy Motion and/or Doorbell Ring which brings up sub menu to select Overide DND. Easy!!

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Thanks. i was searching all over for this. This setting should be under App notifications, not buried in eufy motion.

Is override dnd also on iphone? I cannot seem to find it

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Looks like it’s available on Android but not iPhone? iPhone users really need to be able to override dnd, otherwise security cameras at night are useless - let’s just let that robber waltz into the house and our phones won’t wake us up to let us know!

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