Pairing indoor chime after completing eufy 2k wired setup

I didn’t pair the chime during the initial setup. I tried to pair the chime to the doorbell after completing the installation by pressing the sync button for 2 seconds then pressing Connect in the app. I get the second ding sound but the chime doesn’t sound when doorbell button is pressed.

Did you go into setup and select the correct chime? There is a menu choice for Indoor Chime that lets you select which devices to use a chime.

I’m having the same problem, and when I go into the Indoor Chime option within my Doorbell Settings, I’m only presented with 2 options (‘Homebase as Chime’ or ‘Alexa as Chime’). How do I choose my Doorbell Chime as the chime so I can hear it upstairs? Any help appreciated :grinning:

Hi, I’m having a problem with connecting an additional doorbell chime with my homebase 2 using a usb dongle. When I try to connect the chime using the app, the app freezes and I have to close it. Do I have to use both the sync buttons on the additional chime and the homebase 2?

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I have the same issue with mine. Did you manage to get it sorted in the end please?