Pan and Tilt Side To Side Throuout the Day

I have a Pan & Tilt Indoor Cam and I have it watching the back porch throughout the day. It works great and sounds the alarm and all but I have an issue where it misses a lot of events because it doesnt seem to have a wide enough viewing angle to capture some parts of the room that are just a hair outside its view.

It’s had me thinking that with the pan and tilt feature it would really be nice to have it pan periodically thoughout the day instead of just monitor one spot. It would definitely widen the use cases for the camera and solve the problem of a viewing angle that just isnt wide enough sometimes.

Just an idea. I know the Spotlight 2 pro solves this issue with more motion sensors but what Im asking for is just a simple pan back and forth feature for a few degrees automatically to capture the whole room not an overly sophisticated function like detecting everything around it. Besides I cant mount the floodlight indoors. It just wouldnt be sensible.