Pause notifications for x time

When the lawmowing team comes through, I’ll get a dozen or more alerts about movement, due to the security settings I’ve put in place. I often end up disabling the entire system, and then forgetting to put it back on. Likewise, I’ve got one camera trained on a staircase near the edge of my property, but a nearby flag can trigger the cam if it’s extra windy.

In both cases, an option to “disable notifications for 1 hour” would be a godsend. Just an idea!


I agree eufy should implement this.
Other security apps allow you to force press a notification and select pause notifications for a few time period options.

Agree as well!!

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I’m slightly confused, my Eufy cameras have option of disabling notifications for various time periods, like 30min, 1hr, 2hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs all day if I remember correctly the mute options.

On the thumbnail camera page, I click the bottom right corner which is cog/setting icon for the specific camera, and a moon shape appears for “sleep” this allows me to switch off notifications. Still records if I understand correctly, just doesn’t tell me. Or maybe this isn’t suitable or I’ve misunderstood the issue.

But I agree, on windy day I used to get bombarded with someone in your garden, when it was something flapping. This mute mode fixed that for me.


Would like an easy option for disabling all of my cameras for x minutes/hours with one (or a minimum) of clicks.