Quick Start Guide for FloodlightCam 2 Pro

Dear Users,

Thanks for your trust and purchasing our FLC 2 Pro product. Here are some suggestions for you to get started quickly. Now, let’s take a look.

1.Upgrading APP version and firmware 【Strongly Recommend】

The latest App version is v3.2.0 and the latest firmware version is v1.0.7.0, you can try all new features after upgrading. If you encounter some miss/false triggers, or some errors in settings process ( such as fail to set color temperature), it may be version-compatible problem. Please upgrade it first.

2.How to get better night vision image quality?

1)Wipe the cradle head (Applicable to most users)

If you touch the cradle head and leave fingerprints during the installing process, or there is too much dust left on cradle head, it will seriously affect the image quality especially under night vision.

After installation, please remember to wipe the cradle head with a clean, soft, dust-free cloth , to keep its cleanness.

If you encounter poor image quality during usage, like blurred image, please remember to clean the cradle head first.

Kindly Remind :
-Do use a soft and dust-free cloth to clean, the rough one can easily scratch the cover.
-Do not wipe too hard, otherwise the cradle head will be easily scratched.

2)Adjust the default image position to avoid facing the eaves (Applicable to some users)

If your default view covers the eaves, it is easy to cause image dark and blurred because of the reflection of eaves when under night vision effect or when the lights turned on. You can adjust the position of the default view to avoid the eaves.

3)Turn off two infrared lights (Applicable to some users)

If the device is wall-mounted, and when the camera gets close to the wall, it is easy to make image darker and blurred because of the reflection caused by wall. You can get better night vision effect by turning off two infrared lights which are close to the wall. How to set: Settings-Image quality-Night vision effect adjustment.

3. How to set monitoring perspective?

You can set the most frequently monitored area as the “default position”. After every movement tracking or manual control, the camera will automatically return to the default position to continue the monitoring.

How to set: Settings-Monitoring Settings-Preset Positions-Defult Position.

4. How to get a faster light on speed?

1)If you want the light on sooner every time when someone drops by, you can set the light on to fast mode. When there is any motion being triggered, the light will be turned on immediately.

Note: PIR detection can be set in “Motion Delection–Detection Range”. The more sensitive the detection, the faster the light on speed.

2)If there are a lot of people/vehicles in your yard, and many trees around, you can set the light activation mode to Smart mode, and it only light on when a person is detected at night.

5.How to get a smooth tracking effect?

Please upgrade the firmware to V1.0.6.4.

6.How to avoid false triggering?

1)Set the event detection that right for your living environment.

  • If your device is installed in a relatively concealed location such as a backyard, you only need to pay attention to human activities. You can just select the human detection type to avoid recording and notifications triggered by other activities.

  • If your device is installed in front of the garage door and you wanna know about the activities of people and cars, you can select all motion detection types to avoid missing events that you care about.

Note: Choosing humans only means that only people’s videos are kept,it doesn’t mean the lights are turned on only when people is detected. Setting the detection type and the light-on speed are separate settings.You can set the motion light-on speed in settings.

2)Adjust the right detection sensitivity based on your living environment.

There are 3 PIR (Human Infrared Detection Sensors) on the left, middle and right of the device, which are used to detect human activities.

  • If the environment around the camera is spacious enough, you can use the standard detection mode, using the same detection sensitivity in each direction.
  • If the environment around the camera is complicated, for example, the front is very close to the road while the left and right sides are very spacious, then you can use Advanced Detection mode to lower the front detection sensitivity, and strengthen the left and right detection sensitivity.
  • If it is difficult for you to adjust the right sensitivity, you can choose the “Automatic” sensitivity setting method. The device will dynamically adjust the detection sensitivity based on false triggers on each side

If there are any other questions, please feel free to leave comments or contact us via support@eufylife.com. Thanks!

Best Regards
Eufy Team