Smart lock touch: Will wifi bridge be available to purchase separately

I currently have the smart lock touch, and purchased it about a month ago. I noticed the wifi version that just came out has a wifi bridge. Will the bridge be available to purchase separately from the lock?

I had the same question, but to be on the safe side, I ordered the pre launch code so if they do not offer some type of wifi enabled firmware nor sell the wifi bridge separately, I was just going to buy the new door locks and return the ones I recently purchased since they’re returnable until 1/31/21. I hope I don’t have to go the buy and return route. :crossed_fingers: I hope a Eufy rep will respond.

I emailed support and they did say the bridge will eventually be available for purchase individually. Just did not give exact dates.

All current smart locks both touch and non touch will be compatible as the locks and bridges will communicate over Bluetooth like other products on the market. The catch is users will need an outlet close enough and inside for this communication

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It may be around mid Dec.

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That’s around the time I was going to start checking for it. Was thinking a few weeks after the release of the full package.

Will this work with IFTTT or home assistant or smart things?

I’m concerned if it will work with Apple HomeKit in any way.