So my camera anti theft alarm goes off

Anti theft alarm goes off. I go to see what’s happening live and the camera takes for-effing-ever to start streaming. By the time it works there’s nothing left to be seen. So I go to events and there’s a guy dicking with an extension cord right there in view. Then the recording stops.

I can only assume he threw the cord and hit the camera but I’ll never know because this system is such a half assed pile of crap.

I’m tempted to go rip it all down and unload it on Craigslist.


You think if they had a wired system that it would be better?

If it were wired and had continuous recording it would be far better. Even if the events weren’t flagged perfectly (or at all) you’d still be able to review the footage leading up to and after the event. As it stands I’m left guessing.

I suspect they’ll never do continuous recording to the Homebase 2 though because the memory only has so many write cycles before it’s toast. Since it’s not user replaceable that would mean a lot of dead homebases in a reasonably short period of time. Also I doubt it has the processor or ram to handle multiple simultaneous streams without choking, especially while the user is attempting to review anything. I say that because it seems to puke whenever there are multiple events happening and I try to access it with the app.

Guess what? My camera alarm went off again today. Any idea why? Yeah, me either. Probably because of my asshole neighbor, but again I’ll never know.

Why the hell doesn’t it start recording when the anti theft alarm is triggered?