So upset this device doesn't work through a window

I have a $50.00 mini camera that can record motion through glass. I can’t remember how much I paid for these but I was shocked that for the cost, they could not do this. I even had a $30.00 camera that could do this. There has to be some way using software this camera can be made to detect through a window.

I bought it because the reviews said it did everything but it doesn’t (eufyCam 2C). I am kinda forced to use this since I damaged one of my smaller cheaper cameras that did everything. I know it will never happen after having this thing for atleast 2 years now.
Just wish I knew about this at time of purchase.

No good knowing I have a working blind spot or DUMMY camera if really think about it.

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You seriously bought an expensive camera made for outdoors to place indoors to look outside? Why didn’t you just purchase their cheaper cameras to do the same job. And did you place it properly so the sensors can detect motion?

The sensors for these outdoor cams are different than for wired to power indoor cams. I’m guessing the way indoor cams work is its always viewing and when something moves within the zones, it runs an algorithm to see if its motion then starts recording. Outside cameras that are battery powered needs to conserve power so it uses a sensor to detect motion within the zones. If it did, it triggers the camera to turn on and start recording. If the camera’s recording doesn’t fall within a certain threshold, it doesn’t store the video as it thinks it’s a false event.

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I don’t think you recall me stating that I purchased 2 other cheaper cameras that can do what this cameras does but with poorer quality. I didn’t include that those cameras could also be placed outside if I wanted them there. However, that wasn’t and still isn’t an option.

I actually saw these on sale (Still not cheap) but from the research I did, I didn’t believe I would have any problems. I discovered the flaw of them not being able to record through glass by using them, and than doing research as to why they wouldn’t work. Discovering all of this while at the same time having a cameras that does record motion, human movement, and 1080 p video in the next window was a bit perplexing.

Thanks for explaining again why it doesn’t work but I have owned and still do have an operating camera that does record motion through glass. Also at a way cheaper price by the way. There is No way anyone can make this look good.