Solar panel for L40 with type-C charging port

When will a new solar panel be released for L20/L40 with type-C charging port? I think the current solar panel doesn’t support these new products.

I only found the following comment on “eufy SoloCam L40 FAQ” but don’t see any news yet.

Is eufy SoloCam L40 compatible with eufy Solar Panel?
No. Please note eufy SoloCam L40 is not currently compatible with eufy Solar Panel. However, eufy product developers will actively pursue all possible avenues to bring this feature to SoloCam L40 in the near future.

UPDATE: sorry my mistake. The mounting bracket does not interfere with the charging port. The charging port is located under the camera.

:no_entry_sign: I don’t think they can/make release one for the L20. Don’t know about the L40.
The L20: The mounting bracket, the white small wheel that’s used to tighten the camera to the mount blocks a portion of the charging ports rubber cover.

Well, I need a solar panel for my outdoor cam (L40) and don’t think that waterproof work in that way… I believe that it has to be sealed to protect from dust as well as immersion-in-water which does actually mean IP67. L20 and L40 are pretty similar product s equipped with type-c charging port. I guess eufy might have some plan to convert their product line from micro USB to type-C which is the latest technology with more versatility. So, hoping they make and release a new solar panel in the near future. Anyway, thanks for your input!