Starting to feel like I got ripped off

on several occasions the cameras never picked up someone in my yard at my door yet they pick up every single car that drives by maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong I’ve talked with customer support and they said unistall the app from my phone and that will fix the problem with the cameras not recording motion events sometimes :unamused: does that sound right :thinking:

This sounds almost exactly like one of my post. Eufy has a fetish for detecting cars farther than the system is supposed to pick up motion. It even likes tires as faces in their doorbell. I just posted that I used tape to stop the car problem. It may not work for everyone depending on the angle to the road.

I have the exact same issues with my four 2c cameras . I keep hoping that Eufy will address these concerns, but I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
So I’m returning mine this weekend.

I spent some time today adjusting the angle of one of the cameras that has been giving me motion detection issues, paying close attention to the recommended max 20 degree downward angle. Long story short by edging the camera up and down while dicking with the sensitivity I was able to get it to reliably detect motion up to 30’ away without the traffic in the background getting picked up. Sensitivity is still up at 98%, no activity zones set, and it catches everything it should, thus far anyway.

If your cam is catching too much background activity, nudge the view down a bit. If it’s not sensitive enough nudge it up. The motion detection area is only the bottom 2/3 of what the camera sees, give or take, so you can’t go by just picture alone. Eufy should try to add an on screen hint-line or use the gyroscope in the cam to suggest adjustment if the installation tilt is too far out of suggested spec.