The implications of this, are quite terrifying

I wasn’t able to see other user’s devices here in the UK but who knows if anyone had access to mine. For now, all eufy devices remain unplugged and turned off.

Sent an email over to support asking for more info seeing as we aren’t getting anything publicly.

It’s beyond a joke that there are no Eufy reps on here keeping us updated.

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@Yanyee1 any information you can give us?

This is possibly one way to hold them accountable in the US. File a complaint for potential investigation.

Outside of US if you are protected by GDPR, consider seek help from that route.


Here’s an alternative to the indoor cams with two way audio
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This is pretty scary for sure. When I was on my app earlier today I only saw my own cameras. Both my cameras are outside and not showing anything that you can’t see from Google Earth. My cameras are still in the return window. If I saw someone else’s cameras or thought for one minute that someone was seeing mine I’d send them back. Eufy not responding on their own forum doesn’t do much for customer confidence.

The people seeing other’s cameras are you on the Eufy cloud?

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I (thankfully) have not had any of the issues that others have had today regarding their cameras. The only cameras that were listed in my app were mine and I did not see anyone else’s. However, that does not give me confidence that others could not see my camera feeds.

The lack of acknowledgement from Eufy is astonishing and is making me rethink using their products. The most annoying thing about all of this, aside from the massive security breach and loss of confidence, is the fact that I’m going on vacation in two weeks and was counting on Eufy keeping an eye on my apartment.


Can you share the source of this official statement - a URL?

I turned all mine off.

Setup a group on my router to block internet for all Eufy devices, powered devices back up, they all get an IP address but ALL are dead.

So it appears despite recording locally every camera, doorbell and HomeBase has a critical dependency to be able to have unfettered access to the internet or they are just paperweights.

So can’t power them up or risk compromise, and can’t block unneeded internet access because they are all useless unless that can call home.


Statement from eufy Security - News - Eufy Security Collective (

Well that page at least is secure :slight_smile:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

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Go to the forum home page. It’s pinned at the top.

Not a word of “We’re sorry” or “We screwed up” or “This was our fault”.



Same message has been posted on their Twitter account.

They responded on Engadget



(Well, in one respect at least; although, technically, with this breach, I suppose we really could be strip-teasing together in real-time!)

Looks like I’ll be pitching mine. Very irritating.
I realize that sh** happens, but not to get any communication from this outfit is beyond ridiculous.

According to Eufy support the Homebase 2 requires internet connection to function (even if you are using local storage). Unacceptable to me personally. I have discovered that for HomeKit users if you are using them via HomeKit SV you can still have them work even while blocking the Homebase 2’s connection, YMMV.

I sincerely hope they push an update to allow the Homebase 2 to function in a fully local mode with no need for any outgoing or incoming connections to the internet.

Why does this notification not describe the bug? I now see other people have posted other reports of what the bug actually is this has been poorly handled and really should have been much more transparent.

eufy’s handing of this issue has been shocking. I’m fairly heavily invested in eufy security products and while I’m not about to throw them all in the bin, I don’t think I can recommend the to other people any more. The poor handing of this issue, combined with with the apparent unwillingness (or inability) to fix longstanding issues like geofencing and HomeBase external storage means I won’t be purchasing any more eufy products unless I see a real improvement soon. I hope eufy can turn things around as the products are mostly great but let down buy a number of seeming small up issues that add up to a poor user experience.


Eufy cam internet usage is almost double.
I am sure something is downloading