Thoughts on Eufy Security Cameras and System?

Hello Fellow Eufyers,

Before I invest more in the product and name, I wanted to know whether Eufy is worth investing more money in. Currently, I have spent around $1,000 on Eufy products and plan to spend another $1,000+. My question is whether Eufy is worth the investment?

I was excited to buy Eufy in the past because it was more reliable. Still, during recent Community searches and experience, I feel that Eufy is more focused on pushing out products than fixing reoccurring issues like the Mesh System compatibility (I have to change my network infrastructure to accommodate Eufy products as they are still in the stone age like the micro USB chargers). I am not motivated to promote Eufy and giggled when strongly pushing out their referral program.

Happy security tracking! I hope someone from Eufy hears our concerns. Thank you!

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