【US】What Will You Buy on Black Friday? Share and Get a Gift

Been thinking about the video doorbell currently have ring but feel the person detection on my solo cams is better than rings doorbells

Im going to get another security keypad!

I would like to buy the S40 for Black Friday! Maybe even get two!

Looking to get that new beautiful silver color smart lock touch & wifi to secure my house and RoboVac X8 to make my life easier and get that mess cleaned up after the kids! :slight_smile:

Video Doorbell 2K is on my Christmas wish list. :christmas_tree:

The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro looks really nice, although not sure I can afford it right now…

If I had one, I would use it to light up my front walkway in the evenings, and to record the delivery people dropping packages in the wrong place - the doorbell cam catches them sometimes, but not if they don’t come all the way to the door.


I’d love to buy more eufy technology. But I’m waiting for full connection of my doorbell to my Google Home Assistant so that I can answer the door

@dawk you can’t go wrong with the SoloCam S40!

Even in the cloudy, snowy Midwest it runs like a dream!

I’ll be looking out for video door bell and Wi-Fi door lock deadbolt and maybe a pro cam to add on to pro base 2 , and anything else in the eufy /anker / asus family.

I will buy pajamas for my family lol. But before the actual day I’ll be getting a new phone and switching plans, as well as also hopefully getting Airpods Pro with black Friday deals.

We have only had our Eufy cams for a couple weeks now. We currently have 4 cameras and a doorbell. Eventually I’d like one more camera, but for now we’re good.

Another 2 Eufy cam 2, 1 for backyard and the other one for driveway. 2 or more solar panels for the cams.

I want to get a doorbell cam for my front door so I can point my current eufy cam 2 away from the door and more towards the driveway and yard.

Wireless outdoor cameras baby.

Looking to add an extra EufyCam E and finally the wireless doorbell.

I will buy a new door security system like door armor. I will use it for reinforcement of my door

I plan on getting the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro. I have it in the cart and am just waiting

Well, I just moved. I’m looking at purchasing so more of the eufy cam2c pro cameras as well as the floodlight camera and doorbell.

My son is a renegade at just a baby and likes to run outside so it’s more for him! Lol

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I’m looking to buy a Dog Camera for my 4 fur babies for when I’m away, who really is spilling the water on the floor and who should get the treats??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
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We just got one, totally worth it!!! The coverage is ridiculous. Catches my husband crossing the street from the neighbors house!

The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro has me wanting to replace my current floodlight system. :+1: