【US】【Winner Released】What Will You Buy on Black Friday? Share and Get a Gift

Chime. To go with my Eufy doorbell.

I’m hoping to buy a smart lock touch and wifi and a solo cam s40 and maybe the vacuum as my kids are messy and could really use it. Will depend on I guess what I can afford as a single mother of three children and still gotta finish xmas shopping. But it’s what im planning on and hoping to at least buy one of them. I hope so anyways! I really dislike when you guys do winners with the most likes because like I’ve said before it makes it more of a popularity contest than anything. Because some people have been on here for quite awhile but then again some of us are newer people like me whose been a customer for just under a year only and so some people communicate with eachother on here more than others which gets them a ton more likes it seems like. Idk just doesn’t seem fair to me as it makes me feel I wouldn’t win anyways because I don’t ever get likes cuz people go by if they know Me and not what I’ve posted. I don’t know I guess that’s probably just only my opinion but just wanted to say how i felt about it.

I joined the eufy community with the purchase of the Solo Pro 2-pack Standalone Security Cameras with Solar Panels from Costco. These are my first wireless cameras and I have been super impressed with them. The quality is superb and the notifications are very timely. I honestly didn’t know how many stray cats wandered my yard until I had these installed! I will be picking up more of these cameras to cover the full perimeter of the house.

I’ve also recently purchased a eufy RoboVac and I’m so in love with it. I never knew I needed one in my life; it’s been working hard and keeping the house clean leaving me with more time to spend with the family. I plan to purchase more eufy products in hopes of making a smart eufy home.

Well I’d really like to get some sort of a camera or two that will see further than 30ft at night, where I live it would be nice to get some that we’re wireless or solar powered that a guy on disability can afford, but all I can do is ask Santa. Parkinson’s and taking care of my elderly folks come first & there ain’t much left after meds and groceries! God Bless

I plan to purchase 2 floodlight cams, 1 smart lock touch and another outdoor cam.

On Black Friday, my Fiancé and I are looking at purchasing the newest smart lock. We are happily new homeowners looking for a product that delivers on its user ability. Already a customer of Eufy, this one strikes our eye because one of its features is to unlock using finger print. Hoping to be apart of your giveaway, however you have already given us so much from other products. Would definitely recommend the 2K Battery Doorbell. I appreciate your time in reading this. Have a Happy Thanksgiving this year, friends :slight_smile:

POE needed, otherwise i can’t buy :wink:

  • Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi

I could always use another Pan and Tilt 2 k camera.


Video Doorbell

Just ordered 2k floodlight cam and the spotlight cam! Trying to catch Santa in the act :santa:

I am wanting the Eufy doorbell and definite want to check out the dog camera!! I love my system so much I made my mom get one as well as another couple at the store yesterday. Merry Christmas early!!!

Planning on 2 more outdoor Cam Pro 2. Just purchased the system and we love it!

Solocam s40!

Cam 2 pro, 4 camera system! Maybe a spotlight cam too!

I am looking for a battery powered camera to complete my outdoor security.

I can’t wait to see the sale, I might get an indoor cam to watch the inside of the house while we are away

My parents loved our wireless video doorbell when they came to visit. I’m planning on getting them one for the holidays!

Would like Santa to bring me a solar 2k for my back yard. I’ve put in a hint with the :cloud_with_rain: :deer: but no clue if it will be in the sleigh. Watching for the sale price on line. Wish everyone a happy and Merry Christmas!

Robotvac x8 hybrid

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