Which is the best external camera

Which is the best all round external camera, and has anyone used a motion holding device instead of the the one included with the camera.

External…. ? Do you mean outdoor? And what is a holding device? Do you mean motion sensor?

Yes, outdoor, external. I mean a bracket that includes pan and tilt, so your camera has motion.

Ok…. Well, let’s see. I have a pan tilt mount I used for a bit…. But it was a waste of time without camera integration. I also have several pan tilt cameras…. But they are just about useless because they will track and then never return to a “home” view. ( I believe the new floodlight cam does return to home view after tracking ). Covering a large area with 1 camera is not the way to go in my opinion.

Best outdoor cam? Really tough question. I would say it’s the wired C24 simply for its ability to record 24/7 and much improved software over the battery cams. It still sucks but it’s the better of the sucks if you have power available. The batt cams with homebase are great if you understand how they actually work and have the patience and the time to work with them. This is not something I can explain in a post like this. PIR motion detection requires a masterclass in getting them to do what you want. People buy these things and stick them in a spot where they think they will get the best coverage ( me included ) and expect them to work. Well…. Doesn’t work that way.