Alexa routines not being triggered

I have a bunch of Alexa routines to do actions when my 2C cameras detect motion, but they are not working anymore. If I manually run them, they work. But when the camera detects motion I receive the notification via Eufy app and then the routine is not triggered. I have tried to disable and enable the skill in Alexa, to remove and add the camera and to delete and create a new routine. Have you been having the same issues in since Friday?


I have the exact same problem. We’re you able to fix it? My routines stopped working sometime last Friday.

No, but I opened a ticket with the support and they are investigating the issue!

Answer from Eufy support:

Previously, our Eufy security system’s compatibility with Alexa was not very stable, in order to fix this problem, our back-end engineers temporarily shut down Alexa’s motion detection push function, and we are so sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Our engineers are actively optimizing our system, and this function is expected to reopen at the end of June, please wait for a while.

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Haha! Back-end Engineers.

I got the same response. but no word on when it will be fixed. So annoying they crippled my routines and there’s no other way around it. The eufy app only allows for very basic automation.

Is there any news on this?

Registered just to ask about this, was hoping to use this to have my doorbell trigger my outside light.
Hope they get it fixed soon.

Have the same situation and issue as OP. Use the motion detect and routines to keep my echo shows active at night as a baby monitor. This stunt has crippled my ability to monitor my children at night. How can we find when the link will be reestablished?

All, anyone have any further update on this issue? Still not working for me.

Eufy support told me that Alexa is coming back in September!

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Did they? Let’s see! For something that you think should be straight forward they do seem to mess things up and take a long long time to make any firmware fixes….

Still not happening. Any further updates?