Camera Offline - who's getting the same issue?

Hi All,

Some of you may be having the same issue I am, with your camera going offline for no reason and requiring a re-pair to the Homebase.
This is a repeatable and persistent issue that seems to happen every day or two.

It does not appear to be a charge issue as the camera has been near full charge every time it’s happened.

It does not appear to be a location or signal dependent issue as I’ve had it happen with the camera sat right next to the Homebase.

My model of camera is the Eufycam, however others have reported the same issue with other models (Eufycam 2 and 2c).

I’m not getting any helpful resolution from Eufy support beside the generic “reset and try again” - if you have the same issue as me, can you please post below and list your camera model so Eufy Support can be helpful and get this fixed.


Out of curiosity (and probably a hint of stupidity) do you have anything else setup on the Homebase?

3 cameras only (Eufycam and 2C), no other devices.

I would say you have a faulty camera, I have the same setup as yourself and have not experienced this issue(touch wood)

Rebooting my router seems to work. I have the eufycam2, after the HB2
recent firmware update, the WiFi range has been shortened between the router and HB2.

No similar issues here, though my hb is connected via ethernet.