Feature Request - Multi-View/Group View

I just ditched my Amcrest cameras for Eufy 2k indoor cameras, and Eufy is superior in almost every which way, except there’s no way to view multiple cameras at the same time. This makes sense for battery based cameras but not for wired cameras.

I’d like to see multiview functionality in both the App and the Eufy Security portal.


I would like this as well but for their battery cams too!


I would like to stream multiple cameras on one screen as well. Please add the multiple camera view to the Eufy Security app!


Dear user,
Thank you for the feedback and the great idea.Our technicians are evaluating the feature. If there is the latest news, we will tell you in eufy community or eufy security app.
eufy Security Team


+1 from on this feature. For people with multiple young children, it’s necessary to have two live feeds streaming at once. Or if checking your home for an intruder, etc.

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The ability to live view multiple cameras is really important for most of us. If I want to check how my property is going I want to be able to see multiple cameras at the same time, I do not want to check the live view of each individually to do a check on my property. This feature is in every other brand of power connected WiFi cams. Please also make this feature available as it truly desired.
Your products are really good when comparing with the competition but having the multi cam live view feature is not only basic but also a must have.
Hope the eufy team can see this necessity.
Many thanks

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I am looking to move from Wyze for my indoor cameras and multiview would be amazing as I use that and continuous recording. I would also love for my outdoor battery cameras, but would understand if the duration was limited.

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Please add the multi camera view as this is the only thing stopping me from using these cameras. Thanks.

+1 from me for this feature. I have TAPO cameras and they are really low priced and give a 4 way view on one screen. It’s great!!

But I prefer to have all my cameras on Eufy. But don’t want to switch my indoor cameras till they develop the multi-view feature.

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I’m coming from Wyze and this is one thing keeping me from making the switch. I like the ability to live stream 4 Wyze cams that fills my phone screen. The other one is the Alexa announcement “person detected on (cam name).” Eufy gets these two abilities on the indoor 2K cams and I will make the switch to Eufy.

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+1 from me, please do add this feature, especially in web portal. Thanks

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