Geofencing and night vision

I’m really disappointed by the performance of the uefy cam 2 system.

Geofencing is rarely working and fails to detect the position of the phone or rather does not sync at all, although when you open the settimgs in the app the accuracy is really high and updates really quickly.

Night vision in the auto night mode never works. It just does not adjust to the light intensity. There is nothing close to the camera, and the field of view is oriented in the right way. The only solution I found was to manually switch the auto mode off and on again after it gets dark. Clearly a bummer.

In both cases, all the settings in the app and the phone, orientation of the camera, network signal strength are correct.

Does anyone else have these issues?

I’m really disappointed with this product as these are two of the most important specs of this system and they are nowhere near a satisfactory level.
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I too have had the same problem with the night vision not working with the eufycam2/Homebase2 system that I just recently purchased, I tried walking in front of the camera at night and the night vision worked with one camera, but not the other, but when I click either camera on to watch live from the app, there’s no night vision. I’m waiting for them to update the camera firmware from 4.4.1 to 4.6.6 which had better solve this crap, these things are not cheap, I also have had the common problem of the app stating “Turn On Bluetooth to Allow eufy Security to Connect to Accessories.” after the most recent app update, I turn the Bluetooth on and nothing happens, Go figure!

Have you solved the problem with night vision? I have 3 cameras Systém EufyCam Pro and night vision works only with 2 cameras and with the last camera do not work anyhow. I have this system bought only about 2 weeks. First week works all perfect … now this problem. Do you think that it can be hardware problem or it can be software? It is true that the system was updated for version 4.0.9. before several days. When I check new firmware so the system inform me that there is no new updates. Have you any idea?

Exactly same here. It started fine, after a couple of weeks all these issues. No clue, just unhappy with the system quality.
Let’s hope someone has an answer.

You are talking about 2 issues. Yes… geofencing is almost worthless. Night vision on the other hand is not worthless on Eufy crap. Let’s see a screenshot of the bad night vision cam. If you walk out shortly after dark into your cams view… do you hear a nice “click”?

Also…. How many cam 2 units do you have? Night vision problems bad on all?

For example I have 3 cameras system and problem with night vision has only one camera. All cameras and systems was connected in the same time. It works well for one week, but then such problem.

Thanks for replying. Do we just need to hope that with new firmware updates they will fix geofencing?
Re the night mode, I have no pics at hands, but they are pitch black since it’s an area with no street light, just moonlight when available.
Tonight I had the same issue. It started to work only by manually switching the night mode off and on on all three cameras I have.

No…. Kiss that goodbye. The night vision is another story. All 3 cams? Impossible! Your status as LV0 has me thinking you don’t have a clue. But you sound coherent. Open the cam in live view and snap a pic. How hard is that???

You asked for help… I’m gonna ask for confirmation of everything. This will be photo based because I’m not there to fix your crap. Comply or go away.

Thanks for your support.
It really is on all three cameras, which really bothers me.
Here’s the pre and post. I had to switch off the auto mode and then on again in order to make it work.

Wow…. I was almost positive there would be just enough light to stop it from triggering the IR. Nope. Did they all get purchased at the same time? What a puzzle….

Yes, they are part of the three cameras bundle.
I’ll try again to remove the cameras, switch them off for some time and re-synch them with the home base.

I’m afraid restarting everything did not work. Same problem tonight.

Well… sounds like a return if you still can. As a purchased bundle… the possibility of a “bad” lot of 3 is there. Still I would think … very rare. The other option that would deal with all 3 cams is the homebase…. But once the cam is set by the homebase to auto night. The cams are really on their own. Third option is software. With eufy grabbing parts from all over the place they are struggling with keeping up. ( that’s why your now seeing different firmware builds for the same model camera )

I would figure out what is the latest build of all cam software and homebase software and have them push the latest to you. ( no … the little button to check for latest firmware doesn’t work) Or maybe an older build to test. Many times they will have an unreleased beta they can try.

I have the cam2 pros so I’m guessing the firmware is different. I have requested a push from them several times and they have got it to me within 24 hrs.

Easy answer… return… Or like me I want to try everything first before waving the white flag.

Also…. I have had Eufy replace things before. It was a bit of a mess. Your mileage may vary. I would just return it all and start over.

Bummer you don’t have a friend with a cam 2 that you could add to your base for a few days to test. Would tell you a bunch.

Also…. Have you walked out and triggered the camera normal to test this? Not just using live view? And in live view you can “turn off night vision” in that view. Is live view set to night vision on? Some people never see the second level of options.

I also would like to try everything possible before I return them, or I semd them back for servicing. I’ll ask for a push update and if that doesn’t fix the issue, for an older firmware.

So…. Let’s test more. I set a couple of my cam2s to night vision off in live view. It’s a couple hours before sundown. Will report back how they behave on my end.

My cams are pitch black…. Just like yours. It might be that the night vision off in live view isn’t temporary…. Maybe it’s a global permanent setting. Gonna try your resetting in standard settings on one cam…. And I’m gonna trip one by walking past it. TBD

Ok I finished my first completely unscientific test with your problem.

  1. Live view for both cams was black as night in live view. Just like reported
  2. Going to reset night vision after dark settings (in normal settings) : it was already set to off. Good job Eufy ( on the cam2 pro)
  3. Walking past second cam was a recoded triggered event in the total dark. Could not make out anything. Not normal.

So… 15 minutes later… check your live view setting on second level for night vision. It’s not temporary and … might have been missed by Eufy to also report that change in the normal settings of your cam2 settings. Please look and report. I love to know when 15 minutes testing kills it!