Geofencing not working

The Geofencing is just not working. Two iPhones with Background Refresh on, location set to always on. Worked once, since then has not worked at all. Randomly one mobile is always incorrect. I can be home for 30 mins and still states not in zone on the Eufy Security app! Really hoping Eufy will address this flawed issue ASAP. Once and when fixed being able to select schedule from the Geofencing is a must. I would love to have my outside cameras on during the day time, then have my inside cameras on as well with alarms on. With my previous Arlo system I had Geofencing on and it actually changed all schedules automatically, worked great! Eufy please rectify these issues!


Hi for this question, please send email to

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I have the same problem, unfortunately!
But maybe this is because it‘s still beta.

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Same here… :cry: Doesn’t work with two iPhones.

Hello the same problem on Android. I have admin and shared access to other device, which has own email and is it too admin attribute.
My phone function ok, but the other phone not functiot. Earlyer (may) not problem, I try older app version, power off battery ussage and other options, but problem has not received. I think the problem is in firmware on HomeBase?

Thank you, Peter

3 people connected to the geofencing set up - never works properly - one person using iPhone and the other 2 using Samsung A5 - it’s saying at home mode when we are all away - at least over 30 miles away - different readings on all 3 phones - one phone saying 2 out of the zone and 1 in the zone, another phone saying we are all in the zone and the other saying 1 in the zone and the other 2 out of the zone?

Is there a problem with the geofencing?

Anyone else having similar problems?

It’s just unusable. I just wish Eufy would fix these issues before releasing new products. People purchasing the new products will again have these issues, more complaints! I think the Eufy app is having major issues with the GPS location on all phones. I find on my iPhone if I turn on Geofencing, have the Eufy app open and running, then lock my iPhone screen, with the Eufy security app still open it works sometimes. But then it drains the battery on my iPhone very quickly. I have location set to always, background app refresh on? Very frustrating!

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Just purchased the twin Eufycam 2C kit and also cannot get geofencing to work.

And I’m only use my iPhone to track my location. No second family member or other phone (yet), but I assume if it doesn’t work with JUST my phone, then it’s certainly not going to work when I add my family members.

Geofencing is pretty important to me and it worked perfectly fine on my Arlo camera. I love the new Eufycams but I hope Eufy managed to fix the geofencing soon!

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I agree needs fixing I also have a problem with geofencing not working.

I assume no one can use it in the way it is intended to be used - I’ve not seen anyone saying it is working okay.

It’s about time Eufy admit it does not work at the moment and they are working on it.


I was tired of Arlo and the issues popping up late last year. So I started looking elsewhere as I wasn’t going to pay what they wanted for the Pro cams. Insane. I found Eufy. Then I learned the sad truth. Returned all cams to Eufy. Went on eBay and bought some more Arlo Q’s. 5 cams, free 7 day cloud storage, 2 factor, trusted company, geofencing, no ads.

I’ll stick with them for now. Wanted HomeKit but between apple and everyone else, it needs to bake some more.

Thanks for the feedback. Because the Geofencing feature relies on the positioning accuracy of the mobile phone system itself, there are some differences in the accuracy of different mobile phone models and system versions. At the same time, we found that there are some bugs in the iOS 13 series version that cause the positioning service to be killed. We are still targeting In-depth testing and optimization of various models. It is expected that there will be significant optimization improvements before Q3. If the location cannot be updated, re-opening the app (the background location service will be automatically activated) should temporarily solve this problem.
If there is new progress, we will post an announcement in this forum, so stay tuned.
You can also contact us via, so that we can solve the issue dedicated for you.


Q3 not far away looking forward to seeing if the updates make the geofencing work.

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Really hoping there will be a significant improvement, and hoping they add schedules to the Geofencing mode. Hope with the release of iOS 14 later in the year it will still work!

Hello, I’m currently solving a problem with the Huawei P9Lite mini, where when using Geofencing, only the switch to Home mode takes place, but if the person in question gets out of the area, he or she does not switch to Away Eufy mode. The Samsung Note 10 has been tested on the same device where it works properly. I would also like to ask whether it is possible to improve the application by whether I turn off wifi and data transfers on the phone, whether the application would automatically switch to Away mode in this mode. For example, if the customer still has credit, not a flat rate and depends only on the wifi connection, he disappears from the area, the phone does not switch to Away mode and still remains in Home mode.

Getting this worrying message about friends and family requesting my
Location to enable geofencing mode. I have no friends and family on the account so why am I getting this notification?

Is this a security flaw

That’s not good! You should only receive these messages if you have added a friend or family member via settings. I would check your family and friends settings! Get in touch with Eufy support, just in case.

I have the issue where one of us leaves and it goes into away mode, I only want it to go into away mode when all the devices have left. I also don’t like how I can only set one of the profiles, it would be nice to have a mix of scheduling and geofencing. On a completely different one it would be good if it didn’t notify when we are home and walking around the back yard too

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This is working pretty well for me. Only one Android phone. It hasn’t given me problems. In Eufy’s defense, that option does have a “Beta” indicator on it. That means they are still fine tuning it.

I am using only a single device with 2 base stations and 8 cameras using geofencing.

I’ve found when I’m at home it all works fine, but once I’ve left then returned, I have to go into the security function and re save my device inside the location circle.

Then it works.
Until I leave again

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Same problem here. I have a Pixel 3XL and iPhone X, both configured as described in the app and running the latest OS versions. iPhone never works properly. What a disappointment. I bought the system two weeks ago and geofencing was a main criteria for me.