Major Flaw - Delete Homebase data via camera

I’m only speaking as a new user, but I’m pretty sure the footage is only stored on the homebase.

It would be nice if an attempted camera reset prompted questions through the app: “Do you want to remove this camera?” then “Do you want to unstore / delete footage from this camera?”, similar to uninstalling software and having the choice to keep the settings.

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Maybe this is so but we cant see the footage of the robbery in this case… Even if the camera is unsync, the footage must remain accessible without the old camera being synced…

But this is my wish maybe i am alone to want this…


I am pretty sure that the data model for this system prevents accessing orphaned records if the camera is deleted. The data on the homebase is encrypted and if you remove the device, there won’t be any way of accessing video linked to the device as the record key is gone.

I tested all this yesterday multiple times for each model camera tht I have and the only time I saw any leftover video after pressing the sync button was on my indoor 2k cam. All the rest that store the video on homebase showed no video or events available for that device going all the way back to when I bought the system. It may be that the clips are still on the homebase, but without the record key, they can’t be accessed. When you re-add the cam after hitting sync, it gets a new record in the system. This is demonstrated by the fact that all previous settings are reset to factory defaults including the customized description.

I believe there are several ways to fix the root issue, but without having detailed knowlege of the design and data model, we have to leave that to Eufy. Hopefully they will get the message that this is an important issue for their customers and come up with a good solid fix.


Day #1 of buying the 4pc kit & 1st time Eufy user. Great to discover this thread, not!

I imagine this cannot go unfixed. Pretty damned incompetent taking a week to do nothing so far…


I tried this. Confirmed. Absolute muppets.

Taking product back and never touching Anker/Eufy garbage ever again.


@end1311 What’s worse is according to @Mengdi their genius “Security Team” designed it this way, LOL! Return away…best thing you can probably do at this point!

I have been supportive of Eufy products in the past. I have recommended them to several family and friends (which I am now embarrassed to say)…but I can’t justify their incompetence, lack of vetting their own products, useless updates that cause more issues than fixes, and no accountability!

I can’t even watch some of my own videos without them lagging, late motion delays, not catching all movements, cameras not responding, missing critical seconds, bright lights at the beginning, trying to update themselves, etc. Since December of 2020…nothing but issues after issue. All brought up to customer service with no real solutions. Just product replacement or will report it to our “engineers”.

They need to fix their current problems instead of pushing new products to the masses (Floodlights, Homebase 3, etc.). As I said before…they keep burning people and not addressing these current issues, they won’t have an audience to sell to anymore. News travels fast, especially in today’s world. This issue will not go away! It will get commented on in “other” places for review, community pages, Youtube, etc. I know from here on out my views have changed drastically.

My comments will now be…if you want a Security Camera system that has no monthly fees that stores all your important videos locally…which can then be erased in 10 seconds…please select Eufy security products. You will not be disappointed in their gimmicky promises and toy like abilities.


I’m lucky, I returned mine and was refunded.

There is no factory reset for the Home Station 2. It will not forget configured wifi details…

Next is extract myself from all Eufy. Change details, delete app, new wifi password etc

Never again.

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I can’t believe Eufy have still not given a Reply to this, or at least one that is worthwhile.
This is a Major Flaw for a Security camera to have . I have 2 Eufy 2C cameras and the home alarm. I won’t be purchasing any more cameras or recommending them while this flaw is still active, I can’t.


The matter is under internal discussion at the moment.
I’m sure a statement will be made.


@John0 any idea of timescale on this? Given there’s a 30-Day money back guarantee, I’m sure a lot of people will be keen to know whether this will be resolved before that time period is up.


Don’t know exactly. I will ask for an ETA.


Thank you. We need an ETA for this matter to reassure us !

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@John0 Thank you for shedding a little light into this matter. I really hope Eufy takes this concern seriously and actually puts some thought before responding. Cause right now it’s horrible!

It started with @Tank archiving the original thread with no one ever addressing it, to the generic response from Rankin (Eufy Customer Support Engineer), to @Mengdi response that the designed team planned it this way!!

It’s obvious this is a huge security flaw that was not identified in the planning or testing process. Their reputation in the security market can take a real big hit if they try to be passive in their response. My hope is they acknowledge it, apologize for the inconvenience, and find a quick solution to address this issue. I guess we can only hope they do the right thing…


Hi peeps, I joined the forum today as eufy have some deals on here in the U.K. and I was doing some research. I was a little concerned that there didn’t appear to be a deterrent with regard to the theft of the 2k wireless doorbell but to say I am flabbergasted that eufy appear to be recommending to thieves that they actually thieve the cameras as well as the other goodies if they want to go undetected or at least just push a button is an understatement :grin:. Then for the engineers and a mod to say this flaw is actually intentional and of benefit is madness. You couldn’t make this up. Obviously no eufy for me at this time!
I will copy my post just in case an admin/mod decides to hide this thread😁


I got a reply from Eufy today on the issue. I sent them my test results and explained that I was less than satisfied with their non-response or the response that it was working by design.

The response today says they are going to push a firmware update to mitigate this issue. The timetable is 1-2 months, which does seem excessive, but I think they are learning their lesson about overpromising.

The response said that they were going to generate a message if someone pushed the sync button 10 times and allow clips to be saved when a device is removed. Not sure about the details of this, but it appears to help a little, but miss the issue of allowing anyone in the field to remove the device. Hopefully, they will require confirmation from the admin before allowing the removal.

I plan to escalate the issue and ask for a more detailed response on how the update will work, as it doesn’t seem like they have covered all the problem.

It is good that they realize this is a major issue and are doing something about it.


Lol I’m still waiting for a response…
Good to know it’s being worked on. Hopefully this design flaw will be corrected soon.

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@preset glad to hear they appear to be addressing the issue. I would suggest that this is a prime example of failing to engage customers in beta testing. If you are too closely involved in the development of a product it is very difficult to identify potential issues (ask me how I know​:joy::joy:).
Even a customer focus group on this forum would be a good start as that is free real user experience and as a bonus you get suggestions of both potential fixes and innovation :grin:


Hmmmm…1-2 months eh? Guess that’ll keep us quiet for a while. @preset can you keep us posted with any further updates in the meantime? :+1:

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s the way issues are dealt with that I feel is the best measure of a company. Amazon set out to be the most customer focussed company on the planet and as such, the customer service is beyond compare. Does that mean everything I buy from Amazon is flawless? Of course not, but I know if I have an issue with anything their top priority is to resolve my issue to my satisfaction…which they have done on numerous occasions. So I obviously keep buying from them.

Lesson to be learned here Eufy…keep your customers informed instead of ignoring them and trying to sweep things under the rug. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes, and instead work with customers to achieve solutions. People will almost always be willing to stick by you if you take this approach.


I sent the escalation link today and will see if I can get more detail on what they are doing and how it will work after the update. I’ll keep everyone informed when I receive any new information.

I agree that Eufy should have some kind of customer beta for issues. Knowing how your customers actually use the product can make a huge difference when testing fixes and enhancements.


I really like my eufy cam 2 kit but this is such a major flaw in a “security” system. I sure hope they release a firmware update soon to correct this or I’ll be selling my kit. Unfortunately, it’s too late for a return.