Motion detection stopped working after latest firmware update

Can you prove in a way (by showing the historical pre-firmware update videos) that human detection did work?

I would never accept a ‘user error’ response when the device was working fine before an update.

So I’d recommend getting the appropriate ‘evidence’ together and show support that it is not a user error.

I do not have it, only local.

Camera logs uploaded as requested to Eufy so they will be able to see that prior to the update it did work.

Done the same, hoping to get to the bottom of it.

That’s BS. They told both of you it is a user error after you both showed them to worked fine prior to the update?

Does any of you still have the line open to support?
If you still have them, send screenshots of the app of videos (where it says ‘human detected’) to support or even the videos themselves. This helped me address things in the past.

I took a bit time to write down some copy-pastable steps for troubleshooting. If you have more tips, I can add. But here those tips are! @Mengdi are you able to create a pinned post that could be updated with tips on how to recover functionality for different products? I’m not sure how well that works, but at least it might be into right direction.

Things to try with at least Eufycam 2C and Homebase2 in case of problems or after firmware update. These can be tested in order. I’ve tried everything from 1-6. After the latest firmware update I did 5abc and it started working. The 6-7 are “last resort” steps.

  1. Reboot the HB2 (via app or power key)

  2. Disable and re-enable camera (Camera On in app)

  3. Disable and re-enable motion detection in app (motion detection)

  4. Set motion detection to 1 and back to normal in app (motion detection)

5a. Reboot HB2
5b. Press camera physical sync button until getting audiovisual signal (beep/red light, inaccessible from app)
5c. wait for a while and press a little while and get blue light in camera (verify it comes back in app. If it doesn’t you need to re-add the device)

  1. try removing cameras from HB2 and reconnecting them

  2. Try removing camera from HB2 and reset HB2. Setup everything from beginning.

If you ask me, I would try 5.x if I have problems, then try other tricks


Seems that if you reset the HB2 via Factory Reset Hole, your back in business.

I have 2 cameras back online, but it’s dark here and I don’t like snakes poping up out of nowhere LOL.

So tomorrow will try rest, hoping it’s fixed.

All cameras now back online, no issues.

Hi there do you mean that by resetting the HB2 and reading cameras they are now picking up motion as per human etc? Thanks

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Same issue - eufy support is useless - i worked in it for 34 years and this is a firmware problem NOT user error - we all would have more understanding and patience if Eufy just admitted this and promised a release date

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Same here. Motion detection not working.

Nice to hear! I just wonder if it also reverted back to old firmware and you will get the one at some point and things stop? In that case try the steps I suggested

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I’ve just factory reset the HB2 and then re added all cameras… I’ll report back in few hours to let you all know if it’s made a difference or not.

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So, my two Homebases just updated firmware and now the cameras are defaulting to “all motion” setting.
If I turn it back to human, it works, but then a few hours later is turned back on to all motion again!!
It is therefore picking up people but also lots of false alarms (in particular traffic). So frustrating!

I have given up on Eufy support because they do not believe all the customers complaints about camera loosing human only function when they added the privcay zone with firmware update 28/09/2021 and all our camera’s stopped functioning. I managed to get a free solar panel from them after complaining about the problem but that only sorted out my one camera and I cannot afford to spend another £100 on more solar panels so if everyone here demands a free solar panel itmight make them take notice. My one camera records more than 100 videos a day up from about 45 which is draining battery anf filling up my storage fast and unfortunately being a pensioner cannot just get rid of this system and get another

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Hi, Reset HB2 via pinhole located on back near power cable and lan cable. Then you have to re add each camera back into it again.

In my case 6 cameras were not detecting motion.
1 FloodLight Camera not detecting motion.

Once reset, then adding cameras back in via Sync button, all become working again.

Did you reset your Homebase 2? Now I’m getting motion detections better than before.

Can’t give up, just try what I stated. It’s a bit of work but it works.

Same here motion detection stopped working unless I wave my hand directly in front of the camera. I tested and tested until I figured out a combination for mine to work for now. Person detection off, pet detection off, all other motion detection on, motion sensitivity setting set right in the middle. If I set max sensitivity it will not work. I have a wyze outdoor cam in the same room and at night every time it’s infra red turns on the eufy would detect it and send me a motion notification. When it stopped recognizing this I knew something was wrong, so last night I played with my eufy settings until I figured out a setup that detects my wyze infra red again. So with all of that said I’m calling this a definite software issue that appeared in a recent software update. It’s so frustrating when eufy support try’s to tell you to move the cam to a different location and all kinds of other ideas that you know dam well won’t work because your camera has worked in its location for almost a year. They need to acknowledge that this was there fault. This is on a eufy 2k indoor pan and tilt. Oh and also my 2k recording won’t work either. It has said temporarily not working for weeks.

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