Outdoor Siren Please!

I love my Eufy system in have indoor and outdoor cameras. I don’t understand the siren for the alarm being on the home base. You want a siren outside in the event you have an incident. People nearby may not hear the siren from outside.


I have eufycam 2c, siren is on both homebase and camera, fairly load also

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My cameras are outside,

Has there been any response or update about an external siren? I’m in the process of looking at a new home security system and this is the only thing holding me back!


For your info I received following message from Eufy on 2/15/2021

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm with you currently that the outdoor siren is in our plan now as we understand this is a great feature for alarm system’s whole performance. Sincerely sorry that we cannot provide a time when it will be available, we are continuing evaluating the market demands and possibilities.

So may be sometime this year?? I hope so,


I hope this sirene will be available soon. Most important thing for a home security as homebase and camera is not load enought.

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I’m moving home soon and have been researching home security systems to go alongside my Eufy cameras. I have been put off getting the Eufy security system as there is no external siren. I found this thread and am very happy to see that one is being developed. That would be great. If I can’t get a Eufy security system with an external siren I’ll have to get a different system.

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+1 for an outdoor siren please- it is essential. The cameras sirens are not loud enough and would prefer an alarm box visible as a deterrent. when available I will buy the alarm accessories.