Say Goodbye to Keys and Hello to Smart Lock

Hey, eufy fans!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our all-new Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi.

Unlock the future with this all-new eufy Smart Lock and enjoy:

  • Fingerprint Identification: Smart Lock recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.3 seconds, and unlocks your door in 1 second. It’s faster than fumbling for your keys.
  • 5 Ways to Unlock: Open remotely via Wi-Fi, unlock in an instant using your fingerprint, or open via the eufy Security app with Bluetooth, or by using either the electronic keypad or the key.
  • Automatic Locking: A built-in sensor detects when your door is closed and locks it automatically, keeping your home secure even when you’re in a hurry.
  • All-Weather Protection: With an IP65 weatherproof rating, Smart Lock is ready to protect homes in any location. It’s capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -30°C/-22°F to 70°C/158°F as well as rainfall.

Sounds like something you’re interested in?

If so, then PROVE IT!

Here is the sample of our way to Say goodbye to keys:

We are giving away 5 brand new Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fis to those of you that can really prove you are ready to say goodbye to your keys!

Send us a video or photo of you saying goodbye to your house key for good. The deadline is Apr. 19th, 2021!


Excellent contest @Mengdi

Interesting idea. Thinking about ways to do this, will be back with an entry later.

Nice Contest @Mengdi :+1:

I like keys… they work. But you had my attention at auto lock. …

My girlfriend has a new Honda… the keyfob is crazy smart. It can tell if you are in or outside the vehicles frame. It’s amazing. My gf failed to lock her car one night… dirtbags striped her car clean. The one thing that you can’t do with this system ?? Lock the doors if I forget. Isn’t that the one thing it could do?

This is the one thing this smart lock might do?

We are about to get a new front door , is this an option for the UK market yet ??? before we try another brand

Smart Lock is only available in US. We will launch EU version in next 1 or 2 years.

Smart Lock is only available in US. We will launch EU version in next 1 or 2 years.

So what does this mean for those who own the current touch lock?

Is there an add-on solution to convert it to wifi?

I have the Smart Lock Touch with WiFi, at least the first version. It works well, mostly. Occasionally the lock, which is actually Bluetooth, will lose connection with the WiFi module which is plugged into an outlet less than three feet from the lock. After seeing an article today (link below), I get the feeling that I got an old lock with a bandaid fix to appeal to our appease those people who wanted WiFi connectivity and thus, interactivity with platforms like Alexa and Google home. Less than 3 months after the release of the “WiFi” version, which is technically the old Bluetooth version with an add-on, I see they have released a newer version with WiFi built into the lock, with no need for a separate module that is sometimes glitchy. I feel kind of taken advantage of.

BGR: Amazon finally has the new eufy Smart Lock Touch with a big update that basically makes it perfect.

Hi Mengdi,
I would love to get rid of keys around the house.
Including the screen door which for me is placed in from of the main wooden door. Please think of expanding the different type of locks.

Also, what would the main differences be between the US, EU and possible AU versions of the Smart Lock touch WiFi?

Thank you for the advice.

Locks for doors in EU and AU is supposed to launch within 1 or 2 years.

Looking forward to your video.

IN the EU / UK in 1 or 2 years :joy:
This ‘speed’ of innovation is why people are ditching Eufy :man_facepalming:t3:


It needs to be like more like a dead bolt. This lock is great idea but is so big and bulky. Hopefully it gets smaller.

I would not recommend buying the lock until they fix their issues with homebase. The homebase currently only connects to some of their products, not all. If you have two homebases, they do not talk together.
This can lead to significant problems with any security system you set up.

Further, the locks do not connect with other home security protocols such as various z-wave devices, making the lock very limited in its use. Better to go with a z-wave lock at present.

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