Stolen devices policy

Compared to the Ring doorbell the eufy doorbell is easier to be stolen.
Also the camera eufycam 2C pro is really east to steal in my opinion.
I have searched (probably not good eneough) but could not find what Eufy his policy is when devices are stolen. Can someone point me to this or tell me how this works when it happens. I know that the stored clips are on the homebase 2 to see who did it but what then?


@heula You bring up a great point that is really not discussed on here. Unfortunately, as far as I know there is no guarantee on Eufy’s “security” cameras. Even though as I mentioned recently, it’s a big security flaw!!

What’s worse is for those who know what they’re doing they can reset your camera within seconds, making the alarm useless and the camera not able to be viewed live. If the theft connects this camera to another homebase, your camera will get deleted from your account and all your footage will be erased.

So imagine if this happens at 2am in the morning, in essence your cameras could be stolen and all information will be gone before you wake up. How is this not something that is more concerning across all wireless battery camera systems??

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Just out of curiosity, why should eufy offer something like that?
Where I live, you have insurance on objects either ‘part of the house’ as well as furniture ‘not part of the house’, difference is that they can be picked up and moved.
So the eufycams would fall under the insurance and no need for eufy.
Does ring or whoever just offer this to appear better than the competitors? I mean it’s nice and all, but I can expect the same from the company who sold me a mailbox, as that can be stolen too. But the latter would be silly of course.

@John0 I definitely didn’t invest into Eufy products because I would get them replaced by the company, lol. I agree that’s why we have homeowner’s insurance. My concern is that the cameras are designed to reset too easily once they have been added to an account.

Yeah, true. Has anyone ever tried it out? Can’t believe the footage of a camera gets erased when it is disconnected from the homebase through its reset button.

I don’t understand why the eufy doorbell doesn’t have a anti theft alarm like the eufy cam pro has. It works perfect. And yes the eufy doorbell is really easy to remove.

Is there also an anti theft alarm on the 2C pro?

Good point but if it really so that when a device has been reset, added to a different account and al footage has deleted from your home base(2). What is the point of having security than?

Eufy could have at least made it more difficult to steal etc.
I had a Ring doorbell before and that had at least a security screw.

Maybe I can put my camera in disguise. :wink:

@John0 I tried it out the other day. Once you hit the reset button for a few seconds it turns blue and you can no longer view the camera live. At this point, the videos are still saved and your camera still appears in your account.

I then connected it to another homebase like if I had just purchased it. Everything connected without any issues. The camera then was deleted from my other homebase and all my previous videos were erased (just like when you delete a camera manually).

In my opinion this is a big security flaw! Eufy really needs to look into this asap and change the process. Once a camera is added to an account…if someone tries to hit the reset button, we should get a message within the app and be asked for permission. Like, “Camera A is asking to be reset” and give me the choice to accept it or not.

Now, I’m mot saying someone still can’t steal the camera, BUT I want to know if someone is trying to reset it and catch as much video as possible before it gets out or range. Plus, I want the camera to be pretty much useless for the thief (bricked like a smartphone) and not have them add it easily to their system without a message that at least appears that it’s part of another system and adding the camera was unsuccessful. This way I still keep all my video footage on my database regardless if the camera is stolen. This should be standard…and not have every individual need to invest into a NAS backup, because then what’s the use of their homebase (“local storage”) if it can be lost so easily?


You probably didn’t reset it when you pressed the button first. When I pressed the button a couple of months ago (probably longer than you have), it was already removed from the app/homebase. So pressing it long enough would suffice in deleting videos.

@John0 Wow, that’s even worse!! Yeah, that’s definitely and issue. So in essence within 15 seconds anyone could delete your “security” camera, take it, and you can lose everything? Do you know if Eufy is aware of this issue??

if you report the camera stolen to eufy i am sure it could be tracked if it was ever connected to another homebase via the serial number.

That’s a major flaw, footage on base station should never be earsed, regardless of the camera being reset/stolen, footage should never dissappear on base station over that, if camera is stolen, there definitely should be a way to lock the camera,

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@dpoppo I know it has been mentioned in the past within the community to save and track the serial number on all your devices, so as individuals, we at least have something to report to the police, insurance company, Eufy, etc. At this point that’s all we can really do. But to have your camera and footage potentially be erased on the spot is a big problem. That’s why I believe Eufy and other companies should be proactive in this flaw and not reactive.

Even if Eufy could “track” where the stolen camera might be located, what can they really do? In theory, they can’t disclose its whereabouts, because if they had that “private” information (GPS) then that might open up some other doors, lol. I believe they need to focus on the moment a person is trying to reset the device and make it harder to do, possibly adding permissions.

PLUS, I don’t want to lose any footage of the event. One thing is to take my camera, but to control everything with a push of a button has not really been thought out. There’s a reason why these wireless “security” cameras don’t have a micro SD card in each one to store their videos in case of a theft. Makes better sense to store this footage locally and on a homebase which can be hidden inside the property and out of sight…BUT it completely defeats this entire purpose if it can all be taken away with a push of the reset button. Hopefully, Eufy can change the process or address this issue in the near future.


It’s simply retarded that every other product can have a cloud subscription but this one can’t.

I’m returning that camera out of principle. I’ll find an alternative in due time.

Wow. I cant believe what I am reading here. I would have thought it would be so simple for them to make a stolen device unusable if its stolen. I wish I had read this article before I bought the item.

As for the thief been able to steel it and erase the footage. Surely something like this would make the device unfit for purpose for which it was purchased. EUFY claim that if someone steals the device then you will have the footage of the person to view later. If that is not the case, then they should have to refund or offer a replacement the item.

Wow… just wow. :face_with_thermometer:

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@Paul_Burnley I believe this is something Eufy can address through and update, because it just doesn’t make any sense!!

In the meantime, just be aware that this could happen. I also encourage anyone else to test it out for themselves. Grab a camera off it’s position…hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds (beyond the blue light and sound) and see what happens…


Tried it out, 5 seconds get a double beep. All data is erased almost instantly!
Not happy about this.

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I have 2 cams ( 2ft up and 4 ft up). And ripe for the picking. I don’t give a crap if they are grabbed as that would be my fault. But I want that footage. .

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