Why is the Eufy app freezing and disabling my iPhone (11 Pro Max)?

Why is this happening? I clicked the Eufy app and instead of the app opening it has been frozen with the blue screen that says “Eufy Security” disabling my iPhone for over an hour now. The frozen screen does not allow me to close the app or view anything else with the phone unlocked. I can receive notifications and view them but not reply. The force shutdown/restart is also being disabled. When using the force shutdown/restart commands it activates the SOS system and 911 dispatch calls. This is ridiculous and absurd.

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Have you reinstalled the Eufy Security app? I’ve got 2 iPhone 11’s with no issues

This is just happened to me today, worse time too as on holiday and miles away from my supposingly secure home, my iPhone 11 has frozen up and can not use it. Only the EUFY security logo on a blue screen, so tried reset but Rung 111 and had to apologise.

Has this been fixed, and how did you fix it please, no help from EUFY at all so any suggestions please as my home is insecure and I’m miles away.

The same thing happened to me last night and unable to unlock. Hoping that when battery runs out that will autocorrect? Nothing is working to unlock. Not happy

This just happened on my iPhone 8 S Plus. It just all the sudden had the Eufy blue screen and nothing would work, couldn’t even turn it off. I had my computer handy so I found the reset instructions on apple support page here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201412, and the instructions for “If your screen is black or frozen” on how to force reset your phone worked for me. It took a minute or two to finish rebooting but seems to be working again now.

Exact same thing happened to my iPhone XR today. I also had to apologize to 911 dispatch and to my emergency contact. I could not power off or reset. Every attempt, same results. I had access to the control panel via a shortcut and luckily was able toggle airplane mode. Got on my PC and chatted Eufy Support. I said the app was acting like a virus. He said they were aware of the app behavior, but blamed it on Apple iOS. Recommended to reinstall app if I could the restart the phone. Took it to the Geek Squad, they were able to do a forced restart and uninstall the Eufy app. Big ordeal. Lost a little more faith in Eufy products. Currently have the wired video doorbell and indoor cam.

On my less-than-a-week-old (new) iPad 5 Mini, I had experienced a software freeze but only from doing a full screen view of a live feed. I updated my iOS to 14.7.1, but the same event occurred. In both before and after updating iOS, I had to hold down the power and volume-down buttons until it either went to a black screen or rebooted.

I’m enjoying the Eufy experience otherwise & suggest that you add an outdoor loudspeaker as an option for the siren/vocal interaction of the security spotlight.

Spoke to Verizon. All you have to do is;
1- press and release volume up as quick as possible
2- press and release volume down as quick as possible
3- press and hold shut off for 45 seconds
These steps turned off the phone and reset once I turned it on again.
It worked for me!